Thursday, April 5, 2012

busy life

This is an apology post, as it's been over a week since I last put something up on the blog. If it makes a difference, I've had my reasons - I was sick all last weekend, culminating in my visit to the always-lovely Student Health Center on Monday, where I was tested for mono and strep (considering how much better I'm feeling now, I'm going to say they're negative, but it was pretty bad there for awhile). 

Dressing well wasn't exactly happening, as me getting out of bed was a task in itself. It was skinny jeans and a tshirt for a few days, but now that I'm home I plan to start being a real person and putting thought into what I wear again! But just to remind you all that I still exist, here are a few photos from when Nicole and I had our roommate date to the ballet last Friday:

Guess leather jacket; Zara dress; Forever 21 necklace; Coach bag; Old Navy flats

Sorry that you've already seen this outfit before, in light of my sickness I was in bed until right about 5 minutes before we left, then put on the first nice outfit I could think of (pet peeve: people who don't dress nicely for the theater, it's the worst right?)

We started with an extra-classy dinner at Chipotle (we were feeling like tacos, no judgement), then walked down the waterfront to the Kennedy Center where we saw a beautiful production of Snow White - with costumes designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, so basically it was magical! Then we walked down to Founding Farmers, a really cool restaurant near George Washington University, and got a late dessert with their "Mousse Bowl for Two." And by two, they meant approximately four (see photo of me looking defeated with the half-eaten bowl). 

The only sad part was that I was sick and couldn't stay up to watch a full movie afterward, but otherwise it was a lovely evening with my even-lovelier roommate :) 

Hope you're all having a great week, I'm glad to be back!

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