Saturday, December 24, 2011

new (old) skirt

So, here's one of my cute vintage purchases from the other day! I would show you the cardigan, but my mom just pointed out that the shiny gold buttons look kind of cheap and that I should replace them, perhaps with some cute tortoiseshell ones. So when I put it on all I could see were the buttons and now that I've noticed them I don't think I can wear the cardigan until they're gone. Thanks mom.

J. Crew sweater
Banana Republic tank top
Pendant from a street fair
Vintage skirt
Aldo boots

You guys remember my crazy, tribal-esque blazer? I'm thinking it will look great with this skirt. I'll wear them together, then pick up the small dog in a Navajo blanket I saw walking down the street the other day, and I will be perfect. Hope you guys were all as scared as my family was when you heard that idea.

I don't even know why I put close-ups of this necklace anymore, anyone who has read my blog more than once please tell me that some of you have has already seen it way too much. Well, at least you can see the skirt pattern up close and observe that it does, in fact, practically perfectly match my blazer. Get excited. (Would it be too ridiculous if I did a joke post of the aforementioned skirt and blazer look? No? Good.)

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I don't know about you, but today has been all about last-minute present shopping (which I will never do again, by the way, it's much too stressful) and watching my mom and Natalie bake Christmas cookies. Not helping, just observing and eating - compared to the two of them, I really shouldn't be allowed in the kitchen. It's the sad truth. But now I have lots of cookies to eat! Eating, that's really my job in this household...


  1. Hey, cute casual look; Love the necklace for that pop of color. (:
    Check out my blog? (:

  2. Nice post Merry Xmas!!!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I adore that skirt! The print is so unique. I'm def a fan of the tribal prints lately, haha!

    Stop by again soon! And don't forget to enter my giveaway if you haven't already!


  4. I like your dress, it look great! thank you for sharing us.

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