Friday, December 9, 2011

finals have begun

Less than two weeks until I go home! Last day of classes was Wednesday, and now the studying begins (or, at least, I'm trying really hard to make it begin). My first test is Russian on Tuesday, then a couple of papers due Wednesday - so I'm trying really hard to get the papers done by the end of this weekend. And with the help of some muffins and copious lattes, I may succeed! This morning Jess and I went to a free yoga class and I think sweat half my body weight off... so needless to say I'm not really put together yet for today! But here are pictures of yesterday's outfit, I think I looked pretty cute for a day at the library

rachel rachel roy dress
vintage necklace
gap sweater
hue (maybe?) socks
target boots

 First time out in my other Black Friday purchase! My thought process pretty much went as follows when picking this outfit out: It's not raining anymore. Therefore I'm not going to wear tights. Or a jacket. Yes. Logical, right? I honestly still don't understand how this is considered December weather right now. I mean, I just wore flip flops to yoga. Let me repeat that: I wore flip flops. In December. This is so wrong.

Work just really doesn't sound like much fun right now. Thankfully, me and the other girls of Harmony are going to sing at the Study Abroad Christmas party in a bit, so I can I avoid it for a bit longer. But considering that I got up, dressed and got ready just in time for noon yoga, there should probably be some work getting done some time soon. Oh well, tonight I will just hole up in my room and research International Relations until I cry. Or just watch a movie. Maybe both? Who knows... Have a lovely Friday afternoon all!


  1. great sweater!

    take a look on:

  2. if i wore flip-flops in December my toes would drop off! X

  3. Lovely outfit! the colors are great<3

  4. Adorable outfit! I love your sweater!

  5. Great photos and outfit. :)


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